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CCTV System and Surveillance

Tailored CCTV Solutions by PROTEL

CCTV systems provide invaluable security protection for business premises. They can increase employee safety, vastly reduce theft, minimize unlawful behavior and curtail unauthorized entry. A wide range of security cameras have been manufactured to address these needs.

We conduct a comprehensive site assessment by actively listening to the needs of our clients. This ensures we propose solutions that are not just “cutting edge” – but customized to address your needs.

PROTEL’s flexibility also ensures that we can handle the installation of both large and small CCTV solutions. From the large scale CCTV monitoring technologies typically found at airports, manufacturing plants, warehouse operations, and corporate offices, to smaller standalone security camera systems, we know what it takes to deliver practical solutions that address our client’s individual needs.

Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products. We have a broad range of products to meet customer needs for different security levels and project scale. Our product lines range from Lite to Pro to Ultra series, to serve the needs of residential/small commercial to enterprise to high security facility respectively.

Dahua products’ design and manufacturing quality are trusted by many international brands. We are one of the leading providers of OEM and ODM service to various security product companies in the world.